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Hydrographic survey

We utilise a range of hydrographic surveying technologies to conduct seabed mapping, covering various areas from the coastline to hazardous shallow water and deeper ocean depths.

Leading the way with remote hydrography

Maintaining a clear focus on your objectives, we tap into our extensive resources and expertise to bring you a superior service that sticks to your schedule. Our modern fleet of advanced vessels offers flexibility and force-multiplication, playing a vital role in delivering high-quality results.

Lower Emission
Lower emmissions

Up to 7 tonnes of CO2 are saved for every survey vessel day replaced with an USV.

Reduced Hse
Reduced HSE exposure

By utilising USVs, we remove personnel from hazardous offshore environments.

Rovco A Leaner Solution
A leaner solution

A more cost-effective, efficient and portable solution, delivering instant results.

Accelerate the acquisition of superior hydrographic data

Whether you are planning a new offshore wind farm development or monitoring existing infrastructure, understanding bathymetry is a vital task. Failure to track seabed morphology can lead to over-budgeting of infrastructure requirements, or increased costs from remediating defects due to unsuitable foundations or poorly designed cable routes.

We perform seabed mapping from nearshore and hazardous shallow water to deep water environments, using a range of hydrographic surveying methodologies including multibeam bathymetry, side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, 2D-UHR and magnetometry surveys.

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Rovco Accelerate The Acquisition Of Superior Hydrographic Data

Supporting your offshore wind development activities, we deliver geophysical survey solutions at all water depths, minimising project risk, improving safety and facilitating the route and project design for offshore developers. Operated by our highly experienced team of hydrographic surveyors, our innovative solutions are tailored to meet your quality, sustainability, schedule, and cost requirements. Supporting site consenting, pre-construction and cable route surveys, our survey solutions accelerate the acquisition of industry-leading hydrographic data.

  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Debris surveys
  • Port and harbour surveys
  • Scour surveys
  • Fixed and floating foundation surveys
  • Cable route and depth of burial surveys
  • Unexploded ordnance investigations
  • Environmental surveys
  • Marine archaeological investigations
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Rovco Hydrographic Survey Bathymetry Survey

Our added value

  • Our fleet of USVs are ideal for shallow water applications, offering the ability to collect lidar data at the same time as hydrographic data for seamless integrated datasets of what is above and below the water.
  • A more cost-effective, efficient and portable solution, delivering instant results.
  • Removing the need for large vessels, we offer a reduced environmental impact across operations.
C Worker 5 Benefits
Rovco Site Characterisation Solution Spec Sheet Thumbnail

Marine Site Characterisation

Download our brochure to view our full range of capabilities.

Rovco C Worker 5 Spec Sheet Thumbnail
Specification Sheet

C-Worker 5 Spec Sheet

The C-Worker 5 is an autonomous vehicle designed to support hydrographic survey work and to increase survey coverage in limited timeframes. A proven offshore survey “force-multiplier”, the vehicle will operate from the Glomar Supporter mothership, in supervised autonomy mode.

A breadth of capabilities

Our specialist skills and knowhow have been hard-earned through challenging projects in the harshest environments. This has deepened our understanding of what technology is truly capable of, enabling us to deliver exceptional insights with speed and efficiency.

  • Rovco Shallow Geotechnical Survey Thumbnail
    Shallow geotechnical survey
  • Rovco Marine Environmental Survey Thumbnail
    Marine environmental survey
  • Rovco Geophysical Survey Thumbnail
    Geophysical survey

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