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Balance of plant surveys

We offer best-in-class balance of plant survey and inspection solutions, allowing you to maintain a highly functioning wind farm.

We help maximise the uptime and productivity of your offshore wind farm

We think outside of the box, and our innovative approach combined with game-changing technology and extensive industry knowhow enables us to always deliver the best solution to maximise the uptime and productivity of your offshore wind farm.

Rovco Deploying Next Generation Tech
Future-ready technology deployment

From powerful all-electric remotely operated vehicles to advanced autonomy, we enable and support offshore wind projects all over the world.

First Class Data Capture And Reporting
First-class data capture and reporting

The highest quality datasets, allowing easy interpretation of critical subsea component condition and performance against design.

Improving Safety And Efficiency
Improving safety and efficiency

Industry-leading solutions that improve the safety, efficiency, and integrity, through to the design, construction, and future operations and maintenance phases.

Warranty surveys

We specialise in managing and maintaining critical subsea assets, offering quantitative, detailed datasets, allowing you to easily evaluate shifting trends on critical components in order to identify the need for early intervention. We believe that preventive and planned action is always better than reactive and rushed. Ensuring optimal performance and minimising downtime with novel solutions, we ensure that your assets can keep spinning and producing while we carry out our subsea missions.

We pride ourselves on being a technology enabler, and we partner with world-class technology developers and suppliers so that our clients benefit from substantial time and cost savings across every phase of the offshore wind lifecycle.

We are committed to safety, innovation and delivery excellence, striving to exceed your expectations, and providing tailored solutions to ensure your projects are a success.

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Instant Measurements

Critical components

Using Edge ML and volumetric difference modelling, critical components can benefit from the data sets that SubSLAM X2 unlocks. Artificial intelligence can highlight depletion status, whilst 3D digital twins allow a more detailed assessment to calculate the rate of depletion or change against the original component design or baseline model.

The utilisation of 3D point clouds provides quantitative analysis of components, allowing stakeholders to monitor whether conditions are deteriorating over time, across critical components and features, such as:

  • Cable protection systems
  • Anodes
  • Coatings
  • Marine growth
  • Scour
  • Seabed mobility
  • Cable relative depth to seabed surface
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Critical Components

Our added value

  • We understand the importance of implementing an effective operations and maintenance strategy in order to maximise the uptime and productivity of offshore wind infrastructure.
  • Industry-leading technology, sensors and the most capable ROVs in the field – all designed and battle-hardened in the harshest environments – ensuring the capacity to operate seamlessly through currents and conditions that would bring others to an immediate halt.
  • The highest quality data capture and reporting, enabling warranty claims to be secured against the manufacturer or other contracted parties.
  • Identify the need for remedial work early, preventing avoidable costs.
  • Pinpoint defects and anomalies that might lead to future damage, enabling asset owners to plan any necessary pre-emptive action.
  • The highest quality datasets, allowing easy interpretation of critical subsea component condition and performance against design.
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Specification Sheet

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A breadth of capabilities

Our specialist skills and knowhow have been hard-earned through challenging projects in the harshest environments. This has deepened our understanding of what technology is truly capable of, enabling us to deliver exceptional insights with speed and efficiency.

  • Rovco Uxo Mitigation
    ALARP Certification
  • Rovco Balance Of Plant Surveys Thumbnail Img
    Balance of Plant Inspection
  • Rovco Cable Protection System Remediation Benefits
    Cable Protection System Remediation
  • Internal Monopile Prioritising Safety Efficiency And Precision
    Internal Monopile Inspections

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