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Your natural choice for site preparation scopes, Rovco is trusted by top developers and primary contractors across the world.

De-risk your site with confidence

We have a wealth of experience in site preparation, aimed at de-risking the seabed and ensuring the successful installation of assets placed in or on it. Our added value lies in our application of leading-edge technology as well as our permanently mobilised fleet of multipurpose DP2 vessels, which consistently deliver scopes on time and within budget.

Rovco Superior 3d Reconstructions In Real Time
Superior real-time 3D visualisation

Live 3D point cloud viewer can be streamed to any device anywhere in the world during visual inspections. No return trips.

Rovco Shorter Projects In High Current States
Unbeatable up-time

Our fleet of all-electric work-class ROVs exceed 3kn in all directions, resulting in reduced downtime and shorter projects.

Data Collaboration
Faster decision-making and collaboration

With a simple click, our industry-leading data platform accelerates collaboration and empowers faster decision-making.

UXO identification and clearance

Even after extended periods of inactivity, unexploded ordnance (UXO) continue to pose a real risk to site developers, contractors, and asset owners, with the potential to hinder the safe and timely completion of projects.

Our comprehensive solution aims to efficiently mitigate these risks, safeguarding schedules and enabling the arrival of heavy lift assets and cable lay support vessels on site. By combining our state-of-the-art SubSLAM X2 technology with our powerful all-electric ROVs, we offer cutting-edge capabilities in detecting and managing UXO in all environments. Indifferent to current, we detect, inspect and model potential UXO (pUXO) targets, with unbeatable efficiency. Furthermore, we provide live streaming of the inspection to any desired location.

Our clients can have full confidence that the site has been thoroughly prepared in advance, and the threat of UXO eliminated.

Combining our advanced ROVs, industry knowhow, and some of the most cutting-edge sensors available on the market, we deliver valuable insights into the marine environment and work with our clients to develop a customised mitigation strategy to address the risks posed by confirmed UXO threats. Our goal is to ensure the safe and timely identification and removal of these hazards, bringing schedule efficiencies that ultimately reduce the time to project completion and first power.

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Rovco Uxo

Boulder and debris identification and clearance

Efficient identification and removal of boulders and debris is crucial in offshore wind operations to maintain the integrity and functionality of the infrastructure. Our comprehensive solution involves leveraging cutting-edge technology and our own assets to streamline the process. Using state-of-the-art ROVs, we perform meticulous surveys to identify boulders and debris of varying sizes on the seabed.

For smaller targets, our ROV capabilities allow precise relocation, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. Additionally, we address high-volume clearance requirements by deploying multi-purpose ROV grabs, optimising efficiency and minimising project timelines. This integrated approach not only improves safety and environmental sustainability, but also maximises cost-effectiveness. By using our own assets to deliver these scopes, we ensure a seamless and reliable solution.

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Our added value

  • Unbeatable uptime; our ultra-powerful all-electric ROVs enable shorter projects in high-current states.
  • Real-time 3D visualisation and modelling for faster decision-making and more accurate identification.
  • Superior vision in challenging environments
  • Live-streamed solutions that empower faster decision-making and collaboration, as well as reducing crewing requirements.
  • Surety of assets; having fostered strong working relationships with our vessel partners, we ensure the ability to rapidly and reliably meet project demands as required.
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Rovco Site Preparation Benefits
Rovco Uxo Identification Brochure

UXO Identification Solutions

Download our brochure and learn more about our UXO identification capabilities.

Atom Ev Spec Sheet Thumbnail
Specification Sheet

Atom EV

The Atom EV is a compact high-stability, very high-performance electric work class ROV. Fitted as standard with SubSLAM X2 technology, the vehicle is optimised for data gathering applications where a stable platform and high positional accuracy is required.  Its cutting-edge electric drivetrain allows for excellent payload capacity and space to carry instruments and tools.

A breadth of capabilities

Our specialist skills and knowhow have been hard-earned through challenging projects in the harshest environments. This has deepened our understanding of what technology is truly capable of, enabling us to deliver exceptional insights with speed and efficiency.

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    Installation Support
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    Post-Installation Support

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