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Health, safety, environment and quality

Our purpose is to help the world become a cleaner, greener, and safer place. We seek to deploy technology for good.

Our approach

A robust HSEQ policy plays a pivotal role in advancing our mission to create a cleaner, greener, and safer world, and serves as a framework to guide us through sustainable and responsible business practices.

Rovco is committed to:

  • Providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill-health.
  • Safeguarding the security of employees and the integrity of our assets.
  • Ensuring all operations are carried out in an environmentally sensitive manner with prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Providing services to the highest standards achievable and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Conducting all activities in compliance with relevant regulatory and industry specific standards.

We do this by providing the necessary leadership, guidance, and resources, and by empowering our people to stop the job if there are any concerns over quality, health, safety, or the environment.

Rovco Our Approach
Rovco Hseq Sustainability Commitment Planet Mark

Sustainability commitment

We are proud to be a Planet Mark certified business, underscoring our commitment to environmental responsibility and corporate sustainability. This prestigious certification reflects our dedication to minimising our carbon footprint, promoting sustainable practices, and actively contributing to a healthier planet.

At Rovco, we understand the importance of balancing innovation with environmental stewardship. Our Planet Mark certification demonstrates our ongoing efforts to measure, reduce, and offset our carbon emissions, aligning our operations with global sustainability goals.

By choosing Rovco, you’re not just partnering with a cutting-edge technology company; you’re supporting a business that prioritises environmental conservation. Join us on our journey towards a greener future, where responsible practices and ground-breaking technology go hand in hand.

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