Bringing Innovation Subsea

3D computer vision and Artificial Intelligence are the technologies required for a more cost-effective and time-efficient future of the subsea industry. Replacing video survey with advanced 3D reconstructions opens the availability of a whole new scope of tools to engineers and asset owners. Live 3D provides an immediate assessment of an asset in real-time, giving the confidence that a component has been fully inspected.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The automatic detection of key features using machine learning augments the effort of engineers, providing more reliable, repeatable reports. The integration of artificial intelligence to underwater vehicles paves the way for a truly autonomous future, with complete inspection campaigns being conducted with minimal human intervention.

Research & Development Team

Our in-house team of researchers and developers have a broad experience of creating new computer vision and AI technology in harsh environments. We see every subsea challenge as an opportunity for new developments, enhancing every project we undertake with the newest solutions available.