Advanced Vessels

Leveraging advanced multipurpose vessels and our substantial industry knowhow, we reinforce our commitment to delivering a comprehensive range of top-tier solutions to our clients, supporting the success and sustainable growth of offshore projects across the globe.

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High definition 3D vision

Perform asset inspections with greater accuracy, speed and cost effectiveness. With high-quality 3D representations you can make smarter, more informed decisions to increase the longevity and operational performance of your assets. SubSLAM’s autonomous capabilities allow you to simplify the deployment and operation of underwater robots, while improving data quality and reducing project times.

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Our data-driven autonomy solutions are leading the way for the entire industry. Making it safe and easy for robotic systems to start conducting more autonomous tasks in the real world. From autonomous inspections without prior knowledge to remote surveying, Rovco utilises a versatile toolkit that facilitates autonomy at various levels; our solutions allow you to tailor the level of control to your comfort level.

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Atlas Data Platform

From a single asset to national infrastructure, Rovco’s data capabilities are enabling highly advanced marine platforms and autonomy solutions in the industry.  We offer secure solutions with scalability, helping provide data or machine-learning as a service, for standalone use, or combined with other datasets, and energy infrastructure networks.  Whatever issue you are trying to tackle, we can tailor our data services to help you see results.

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