Multipurpose Vessel Solutions

We have established longstanding and robust working relationships with vessel partners, allowing us to seamlessly integrate their DP2 vessels into our operations. Our collaborative partnerships have been instrumental in our ability to deliver efficient and reliable solutions to our clients in the renewable energy industry.

Our carefully selected fleet of DP2 vessels are equipped with advanced dynamic positioning capabilities, specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of offshore wind projects, providing a stable platform for conducting operations in challenging marine environments.

Leveraging these advanced vessels and our substantial industry experience and knowhow, we reinforce our commitment to delivering a comprehensive range of top-tier solutions to our clients, supporting the success and sustainable growth of offshore wind projects across the globe.

Glomar Supporter

Our dedicated multipurpose DP2 survey vessel, the Glomar Supporter, has a proven track record for safe and efficient operations, and has been carefully tailored to deliver a versatile and superior quality spread for consistent, industry-leading data capture and reporting.

Differentiated by technology and equipment, the vessel provides synergistic working and flexibility of sensor deployment. With a USV onboard, the vessel is equipped to deliver simultaneous data collection with instant upload, as well as a Work-Class ROV for concurrent inspection activities.

Newly refurbished, with DP2 station keeping capabilities, an overall length of 60 metres, 15.6 metres width and a draft of 3.5 metres, the Glomar Supporter is the ideal vessel to deliver a complete package of survey solutions, bringing unrivalled efficiency to offshore operations.


  • Long-term (3 year+) charter of multipurpose DP2 vessel
  • Dedicated survey vessel, delivering a versatile and superior quality spread for consistent, industry-leading data capture and reporting
  • Differentiated by technology and equipment to provide synergistic working and flexibility of sensor deployment
  • A multi-tasking survey vessel that negates the need for mobilisation of smaller support craft
  • Bringing unrivaled efficiency and lower operating costs
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C-Worker 5 Uncrewed Surface Vessel

The C-Worker 5 is an autonomous vehicle designed to support hydrographic survey work and to increase survey coverage in limited timeframes. A proven offshore survey force-multiplier, the vehicle operates from the mothership in supervised autonomy mode.

With the ability to operate for up to 8 days at a survey speed of around 5 knots, the C-Worker 5 has a fixed payload location for accurate offset measurement. A 12U 19” rack unit is fitted inside a watertight forward compartment for the housing of sensor control equipment.


  • The ideal solution to increase survey coverage in limited timeframes
  • Fixed payload location for accurate offset measurement
  • Proven to perform hydrographic operations as well as a crewed survey vessel, with substantially lower fuel consumption
  • Shallow draught and excellent manoeuvrability, enabling operations in areas that large vessels cannot reach
  • Docking system for LARS from the mothership
  • Advanced autonomy: pre-programmed missions can be set up, executed and monitored using graphical user interface
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