Transition from pilot aids to full autonomy

Our data-driven autonomy solutions make it possible for robotic systems to start conducting completely autonomous jobs in the real world, with or without prior knowledge.

Consisting of a versatile toolkit that facilitates autonomy at various levels, our solutions allow you to tailor the level of control to your comfort level.

  • Streamline data capture operations. Automated data extraction and alignment tools aid consistent data capture from survey and inspection sensors deployed on offshore vessels.
  • Reduce production times. With increases in data sent from vessels whilst at sea, Rovco leverages data optimisation and synchronisation strategies as part of our automation of data production pipelines
  • Process and analyse at scale. Speed up decision-making with our enterprise-grade processing and machine learning algorithms. Analyse and QC data outputs in a fraction of the time.
  • Automated sensor configuration and vessel path planning. Benefit from reduced data collection costs and increase data coverage and quality.

Precision autonomy for greater accuracy

Our precision subsea autonomy solutions give you responsive and accurate control, even in the most complex and turbulent environments. Improved ROV controls deliver smoother video data, while distance-keeping features enable data to be captured from a uniform distance. This results in better quality data, captured in a shorter time frame.

De-risk your operations

With our autonomy solutions, you can operate safely in close proximity to structures and in extreme conditions. The autonomy can perceive the world around it enabling it to perform in a world where the position or dimensions of assets is not exact.

Human fatigue and small errors can be dangerous and expensive. Deploying our autonomy solutions frees up operators to focus on the task that really matters, collecting your data, rather than manual flying an ROV in a challenging environment. Risk is greatly reduced, while the quality of inspections and data capture are enhanced.

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