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Marine environmental surveys

We can support you with recording and monitoring the complete subsea environment to aid the planning, consent, development and environmental protection of new offshore developments.

Supporting sustainable decision-making

Working with trusted environmental science partners, we bring a diverse array of expertise, delivering cutting-edge data analysis in a concise report. Our extensive environmental survey solutions encompass benthic studies for species identification and abundance, water chemistry analysis exploring dissolved O2, pH and temperature in addition to meteorological observations at the project site.

Rovco Reduced Timelines For Consenting
Reduced timelines for consenting

Our solutions aid in reducing the timelines for consenting offshore wind farm developments.

Seamless Integration Of Data
Seamless integration of data and reporting

Geophysical and environmental teams working in close collaboration to ensure consistency across all reports and seamless integration of data.

Rovco Dedicated Partner Laboratory Facilities
Dedicated partner laboratory facilities

Working with trusted environmental partners, we ensure access to the latest industry and technological developments.

Environmental impact assessments

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) surveys play a crucial role in assessing the value and suitability of offshore wind development sites. Our surveys offer a comprehensive evaluation of the potential impact of developments on the environment, aiding in sustainable decision-making and minimising ecological harm. Our surveys provide a systematic examination of the development site’s environmental components, including marine habitats and aquatic ecosystems.

By identifying sensitive areas, we enable developers to better design and implement mitigation measures to protect biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Contributing to the optimisation of project design and layout, our surveys aid developers in identifying potential hazards, such as geological risks or navigational challenges, so that they can modify their plans to enhance safety and efficiency.

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Rovco Environmental Baseline Survey

MMO and PAM support for geophysical operations

Mitigating risks to marine mammals and other protected species is vital for compliance in successful offshore wind projects, as well as ensuring that operations have the minimum possible impact on protected species.

Through close collaboration with our trusted partners, we offer deep expertise in providing effective mitigation solutions to our clients. This includes the deployment of marine mammal observers (MMOs) and passive acoustic monitoring (PAM).

By having qualified MMOs on board, we are able to monitor marine life in real time, thereby mitigating potential environmental impacts and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. PAM goes a step further by capturing underwater acoustic data, allowing for accurate mapping of the subsea environment where visual coverage is limited or where continuous monitoring is necessary.

Mmo And Pam Support For Geophysical Operations

Water sampling

Through water sampling we ensure a thorough understanding of offshore environments, facilitating informed decision-making for the development and operation of offshore wind farms. Partnering with highly skilled environmental science specialists, we employ advanced water chemistry analysis techniques to investigate crucial variables such as dissolved oxygen levels, pH, and temperature.

This in-depth examination provides detailed insights into the environmental dynamics, enabling us to tailor strategies to ensure optimal sustainability and regulatory adherence. By closely examining these key factors we not only ensure compliance but also foster a proactive approach to environmental stewardship. Our dedication to data-driven solutions empowers stakeholders with a profound understanding of offshore ecosystems, thus paving the way for responsible and environmentally conscious practices within the renewable energy sector.

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Rovco Water Sampling

Our added value

  • Our geophysical, geotechnical and environmental teams working in close collaboration to ensure consistency across all reports and seamless integration of data.
  • Our dedicated multipurpose DP2 survey vessel, Glomar Supporter, enables simultaneous geophysical and environmental reporting for maximum efficiency.
  • Our solutions aid in reducing the timelines for consenting offshore wind farm developments.
  • Close partnerships with experienced sub-contractors to bring our clients deep expertise.
  • A single point of contact managing all sub-contractors, ensuring consistency and timeliness of reporting.
  • Collaborating with qualified specialist partners, we ensure access to the latest industry and technological developments.
  • Bespoke solutions, tailored to meet the specific requirements for your site.
Rovco Marine Environmental Survey Benefits
Glomar Supporter Spec Sheet Thumbnail
Specification Sheet

Glomar Supporter

The Glomar Supporter, our dedicated DP2 survey vessel, has a proven track record of safe and efficient operations, and has been meticulously designed to deliver a versatile and superior quality spread for consistent, industry-leading data capture and reporting.

A breadth of capabilities

Our specialist skills and knowhow have been hard-earned through challenging projects in the harshest environments. This has deepened our understanding of what technology is truly capable of, enabling us to deliver exceptional insights with speed and efficiency.

  • Rovco Shallow Geotechnical Survey Solution
    Shallow Geotechnical Survey
  • Rovco Hydrographic Survey Thumbnail
    Hydrographic Survey
  • Rovco Geophysical Survey Thumbnail
    Geophysical Survey

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