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ALARP certification

Combining the most advanced technology with our extensive industry knowledge, we deliver industry-leading data sets and reporting, enabling the timely delivery of ALARP certification.

Mitigate hazards with efficiency

Our innovative and efficient approach ensures that your project will benefit from on-time delivery of ALARP sign-off, the highest safety standards and operational excellence.

Rovco On Time Delivery Of Alarp Certificate
On-time ALARP certification

We mitigate potential hazards with precision and efficiency, ensuring a safe site and the timely delivery of ALARP certification.

Reduced Hse
Reduced HSE exposure

Utilising USVs equipped with state-of-the-art MBES and sub-bottom profiling technology, we help to reduce the number of personnel required offshore.

Rovco Shorter Projects In High Current States
Unbeatable uptime

Our fleet of all-electric work-class ROVs exceed 3kn in all directions, resulting in reduced downtime and shorter projects.

Efficient survey solutions to widen the grid

Frequently, the jack-up vessels that constructed our wind farms are unavailable to revisit the same site to perform repairs such as blade or gearbox replacements. Due to the advancements in heavy-lift vessel designs and their constantly changing footprint, it is highly probable that at some point it will be necessary to access the originally surveyed area to locate the jack-up spud cans and ensure there is no risk of potential unexploded ordnance (UXO) before placing them on the seabed.

We are specialists in deploying survey solutions to extend the grid around wind turbine generator locations. By utilising unmanned surface vessels equipped with state-of-the-art multibeam and sub-bottom profiling technology, as well as a range of towed magnetometers, we gather the necessary datasets for our geophysicists and UXO consultants to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the site being revisited.

Our highly detailed surveys ensure that UXO risks across the area in question are reduced in conformity with the As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) principle, enabling the timely delivery of UXO ALARP certification.

Look at our advanced technology
Rovco Efficient Survey Solutions To Widen The Grid

Our added value

  • We de-risk your projects by mitigating potential hazards with precision and efficiency.
  • Utilising industry-leading unmanned surface vessels equipped with state-of-the-art multibeam and sub-bottom profiling technology, as well as a range of towed magnetometers, our solutions bring increased efficiencies, saving operational time.
  • Tailored solutions designed to dramatically increase efficiency across projects, ensuring a safe site and the on-time delivery of ALARP certification.
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Rovco Uxo Mitigation
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Specification Sheet

C-Worker 5

Rovco Uxo Identification Brochure

UXO Identification

A breadth of capabilities

Our specialist skills and knowhow have been hard-earned through challenging projects in the harshest environments. This has deepened our understanding of what technology is truly capable of, enabling us to deliver exceptional insights with speed and efficiency.

  • Rovco Uxo Mitigation
    ALARP Certification
  • Rovco Balance Of Plant Surveys Thumbnail
    Balance of Plant Inspection Surveys
  • Rovco Cable Protection System Remediation Benefits
    Cable Protection System Remediation
  • Internal Monopile Prioritising Safety Efficiency And Precision
    Internal Monopile Inspections

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