Upgrading ROV Inspections

August 28, 2018 Time to read:  min

As offshore wind is a rapidly growing and relatively new industry, operators have the luxury of being able to use the latest technologies to improve efficiencies.

The inspection of subsea assets is no exception, with a strong drive to improve data quality, whilst reducing the cost of campaigns. 

Smaller ROVs deployed from smaller platforms, such as crew transfer vessels are becoming preferred for the subsea inspection of windfarms. Their effectiveness is continually being improved as technologies in hardware and software allow the machine to do more work and reduce human effort. 

Rovco already deploys 3D computer vision technology during most ROV inspections. Our systems, and in particular live 3D, bring the ability to recreate perfect CAD visualisations of subsea assets onto a client’s desktop in real time. 

Artificial Intelligence systems developed at Rovco reduce the work required for manual assessment of collected data through automated reporting. Meaning less time spent watching video, writing reports, and reduced human error. 

Right now, Rovco’s technologies deliver some of the world’s most detailed ROV and hydrographic surveys. This paves the way for cost reduction through the use of fewer personnel and smaller vessels.  

As windfarms are built further offshore, Rovco’s developments – including their live 3D transmission -are the enabling technologies required for intelligent autonomous vehicles. These ensure efficient operations and allow engineers and inspectors to work comfortably at onshore desks. We are empowering fewer people to do far more. 

Continual developments in industry will see underwater robots become more autonomous through improved sensors and decision-making processes. Within the next 5-7 years we will see subsea inspections “undertaken” by fleets of AUVs, detecting problems and compiling data as they go. A single operator is all that will be needed to maintain the vehicles.  

As an ROV and hydrographic survey company, Rovco are one of the companies leading this innovation and are currently in commercial trials using this innovative live 3D technology.


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