Staff Profile: Rhea, Talent Manager

March 22, 2022 Time to read:  min

With over 15 years of recruitment and human resources experience under her belt, accompanied by an unmistakable enthusiasm for finding the best people for the job, Rhea Fraser joined Rovco in January as our Talent Manager.

Rhea recently spoke with us about her experience at Rovco so far, as well as what prospective applicants should know about the company – and it’s all good!

Tell us about your path to Rovco?

I started working in recruitment back in 2006, initially for the oil and gas sector within an agency setting, and then subsequently moving in-house and recruiting for the likes of GE Oil & Gas, Baker Hughes and Oceaneering. During my time at Oceaneering, I was promoted to the role of ROV Operations Resource Manager, heading up the ROV resources pool, and for the past six years I have specialised in the ROV and survey sector, setting the scene for my current role at Rovco.

What do you do as the Talent Manager?

As the Talent Manager, I’m in charge of finding and developing the right talent for Rovco to meet the business’ needs. Retaining people is an important element of that process, providing them with the platform to grow and thrive within the company.

Generally, I’m responsible for anything that involves people – so I’m also in charge of crewing and any requirements for offshore vessel support, making sure that we get the right coverage of skillset onboard the vessels.

How did your previous roles prepare you for working at Rovco?

In my former role at Oceaneering, I spent three years in talent acquisition for global operations, covering everything from business development and commercial roles to engineering positions. Following that, I started developing their ROV resources pool, building a substantial crew force. So, my previous experience in recruiting personnel both onshore and offshore has given me the platform to know and recruit the right talent to join Rovco.

How did you hear about Rovco and what attracted you to join the company?

It’s a small world in this industry, so I’ve always been aware and conscious of Rovco’s activity in the market, and I’ve been following the company’s journey since 2016.

I had also previously supported Rovco from an agency standpoint, so taking my previous experience in to account, when I became aware of the opportunity it seemed like the perfect role for me at the right time.

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

For me, the best part is when I receive an urgent request – for example, if something happens offshore requiring a lastminute crew change – and I successfully fulfill that by sourcing another talented individual, allowing operations to commence without delay to our schedule. The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly presented some hurdles in that sense, and it has really put my abilities to the test!

What are the biggest challenges of your day?

On one end of the spectrum, there are various challenges presented by the crewing side, and at the other end, I am working hard to attract candidates from more established organisations to come onboard and join Rovco on its journey.

How are you enjoying the job so far?

It’s fulfilling to know that I can bring a lot of expertise to the table, and I love having a seat at the table – knowing that my ideas are fully valued. I enjoy having the freedom to be able to develop and enhance processes, ensuring that we are working to high standards, and that we’re getting the best talent in the marketplace.

It’s great to be able to put my knowledge and experience to work, and ensure that we are industry leaders in terms of compensation and what we deliver to candidates.

I recognise that I have a lot of work to do in my position and within the company, which I view as an exciting challenge. There is a huge opportunity for me to make my mark in this role, and I love that I have the chance to really make an impact.

Also, in a broader sense, I like the fact that everyone is engaged across the business – we have regular company-wide calls and it’s nice to have an open platform with transparent communications. We are encouraged to ask questions and contribute ideas, and no question is too silly to ask. Unlike some of my previous workplaces, I’m aware of what is going on across the business, even where it’s not directly related to my function – it’s great that the whole team is kept informed of what is going on. It’s a nice culture in that everyone is trying to support each other and provide the tools and commitments they need to do their jobs well.

What type of person do you think suits Rovco?

Anyone who has a passion for best practice and is willing to bring their ideas to the table with an open mind and an ability work hard and play hard!  It’s an ideal place for those wanting a seat at the table, where your voice will be heard, and you’ll have a real opportunity to grow and develop your career.

Is there anything that you would want prospective candidates to know about Rovco?

This is an extremely exciting time to join Rovco – if you can join us now, you’ll really have a fantastic career ahead of you. It’s ultimately a blank canvas, so if you are passionate and want to take what you’ve learned so far in your career to the next level, this is definitely a great stage join the company.

In your opinion, what makes Rovco stand out from the crowd?

The whole ethos of the company, and the technologies and expertise we have behind us. It’s a very inclusive company with a great culture – it’s also a nice size and it’s at the point where if you join us now, your career could really take off and accelerate.  In my previous employment, I recall being given an employee number – which I’ll never forget – and it made me feel like a tiny cog in a huge wheel. So, I would say that, if you want to work for a company where you are not just a number, but you are valued and your opinions matter, then Rovco is definitely the right place for you and somewhere that we can really grow your potential.

Is there anything on the horizon for 2022 that you are particularly excited about?

Looking ahead, I’m excited about Rovco’s commitment to growth – we are seeing a huge amount of recruitment so far this year. We are increasing staffing levels by approximately 40% in 2022, which puts us in a fantastic place during a time of global uncertainty. It’s really exciting to see where we are heading, and I’m sure we are going to look back at 2022 as being a very successful year.

What are some of your hobbies or interests outside of working hours?

Out of the office, I’m kept very busy with my two little ones, aged two and six – taking them to different classes, from gymnastics to cheerleading! That very much keeps me occupied, along with spending quality time with my family.

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