Rovco Charters Glomar Wave for Summer/Autumn Offshore Wind ROV Campaigns

July 21, 2020 Time to read:  min

We are pleased to announce the charter of the 66.44m DP2 vessel, Glomar Wave, from vessel owners Glomar Offshore. The vessel will provide the ideal platform to support our campaign of secured ROV projects. This includes operational Offshore Wind Farms in both UK and German waters during the coming months.


On the vessel, we will mobilize a dedicated and experienced offshore team, to operate our recently purchased Seaeye Leopard work-class ROV system and a second observation class ROV. The team will perform a multitude of detailed subsea IMR tasks, on a 24-hour basis, with a wide array of cable tracking and ROV tooling available, including our unique Intelligent Data Collection System SubSLAM X2.


Our powerful Seaeye Leopard ROV, combined with the DP2 Glomar Wave, will enable safe and efficient project delivery with great workability through wider operational weather windows. This charter agreement between us and Glomar Offshore establishes a working relationship with multiple projects already secured together until Mid-September. Our highly effective and versatile ROV package is available for subsea projects after this date, with the capability to perform a variety of tasks. Including, but not limited to, subsea asset inspection, highly accurate 3D modelling of seabed infrastructure, Cable/Pipeline survey, or ROV installation/decommissioning support.


Ian Bryan, our COO said; “The charter of the Glomar Wave puts us in a very good position to deliver our booked projects successfully through the UK and Germany. We are excited to be working alongside Glomar to support the Offshore Wind Industry”


The Glomar Wave DP2 vessel is a 66.44m Service Operations Vessel (SOV) built-in 2014, providing accommodation for up to 60 personnel. The purpose-built vessel provides a wide deck space of 300m2, a deck load of 5 mt/m2 and 3 cranes for multi-purpose operations. Combined with our work-class ROV service capabilities, she is perfect for subsea activities across the lifecycle of offshore assets.


Panos Komninos, Chartering Manager at Glomar Offshore said; “We are excited to commence this first charter with Rovco, looking forward to an expanded cooperation in both the North Sea and Baltic Renewables markets”


Founded in 2015, we are changing the way offshore work is performed and are continually investing in research and development. As a company, we have the resources and expertise to work across the globe, using cutting-edge 3D Vision and AI technologies to drive time and cost-saving project efficiencies. Get in touch with with any enquiries.

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