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June 3, 2020 Time to read:  min

We are pleased to announce the successful project completion of yet another campaign with our new COVID-19 protocols! We are back to work, and stronger than ever… 


As we all know, Offshore wind farms are amazing structures that bring many advantages. Consider, however, their location and working environment and the challenges that brings to construction and maintenance. Add to that, an unprecedented pandemic and you find yourself quickly relying on a strong team with vast experience, know-how, and an appetite for problem-solving to set up your offshore campaigns for success. 


We recently completed Substation Inspection at an offshore wind farm located off the West Coast of the UK. We provided a General Visual Inspection (GVI) and accurate real-time 3D models of subsea structures for the customer. 


This is a particularly difficult, shallow-water site for inspectionwith poor visibility due to river outfalls. Our team investigated all tidal conditions in the region, and with a detailed assessment, set about ensuring a robust plan to mobilise, transit and complete the scope in the best window possible. We put into play our move for a perfect 3-point score – safe delivery, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction. 


Our Team, in collaboration with the charter vessel’s marine crew, created, implemented, and successfully delivered a robust COVID-19 protocol, that ensured the entire team were kept safe and mitigated from exposure to the virus. Due to a precise operational plan, we overachieved against our original targets, managing to successfully complete the campaign two days early. 


During the lockdown, we have been working closely with customers and suppliers to ensure an excellent state of readiness. Our everadvancing inhouse developed tech stack, supported by strong operational and project management leadership is positioning both our clients and Rovco for success in the operations we perform.   


With a tried and tested COVID-19 protocol in place, and a close working relationship with our clients, we have demonstrated a safeeffective, work methodology and ethic, that allows us to continue to our next two concurrent projects, one wind farm on the West Coast, and the other on the East Coast in the Southern North Sea.


Keep up with our upcoming communications as we are fully back to work, ready, and available to support your needs on a dedicated or fly-by basis for ROV based wind farm Construction, Survey, and Inspection projects. If you’d like to know more about our availability and capabilities, please see the link below or contact 


Visit our ROV services page here.

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