Inspection, Survey and Intervention spread available to assist your subsea projects

November 25, 2020 Time to read:  min

Throughout the 2020 season, we have chartered the 66.44m long, DPII SOV vessel, Glomar Wave, from vessel owners Glomar Offshore.


The Glomar Waves’ low Air Draft, ample accommodation and versatility along with fuel-efficient operations has provided us with the perfect platform to support numerous successful Balance of Plant Inspection and Cable Route Survey Campaigns across the North, Irish, Celtic and Baltic Seas.


With our powerful Seaeye Leopard WROV, extensive range of tooling and our experienced crews onboard, we bring our shallow water, tidal region, expertise to enable safe, efficient, cost-effective project delivery. 24-hour a day working cover, 7 days a week. 


Experience at more than 50% of the UK operational Wind Farms and work performed this season that we can assist you with:


• Subsea Balance of Plant (BOP) Inspections including;

◦ CP Stabs

◦ Flooded Member Detection

◦ GVI/CVI and Reporting

◦ Marine Growth Removal/Assessment and Reporting

◦ Anode/Scour Depletion Surveys

◦ 3D Photogrammetry Condition Modelling

• Array and Export Cable Route Assessments including;

◦ Depth of Burial

◦ Fault Location Inspection/Dredging/Forensics

◦ Seabed Condition Reporting


• Dropped Object Assessment & Recovery

• Environmental Marine Sampling & HA Video Transects


This highly effective and versatile spread will become available for subsea projects from the 4th of December onwards.


Do you have a subsea need at your project site, and would like to know more about our availability, capabilities and competitive ready mobilised rates? Contact us at 

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