Iain Wallace speaks at NVidia Conference

September 28, 2018 Time to read:  min

Dr Iain Wallace, our Chief Technical Officer, spoke at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference on the 11th October 2018.

As Rovco’s CTO, Iain leads the development of 3D vision and AI to improve quality and reduce cost in subsea inspection. With a PhD in AI, and research in industry, his expertise ranges from multi-robot exploration to vision systems for Mars rovers. As well as delivering complex AI in the harshest environments on Earth, he has experience in 3D data visualisation, deep learning and embedded systems.

Iain Wallace NVidia GTC Talk

Iain’s talk shared how NVidia’s Jetson technology can be applied to high performance embedded video applications in the harshest of environments. With the advent of ever more powerful embedded GPUs, it’s now possible to bring machine intelligence to previously impossible locations. Rovco are at the forefront of applied machine intelligence underwater, providing subsea survey services based on 3D computer vision and AI data analysis. The Jetson is perfect for embedded intelligence applications, with high performance video encoders and powerful GPU for AI applications in a compact, low-power package.

Find out more about Rovco’s technology here.

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