The Future Of Subsea Survey And Inspection

SubSLAM X1 is the first real-time underwater video imaging system available that delivers high resolution, dense 3D point clouds of subsea objects with millimetric precision.

The smart 4K camera system, and cutting-edge 3D vision techniques, provide operators and owners with greater information about their underwater assets and the integrity of their equipment.

Using vision alone, the fully calibrated stereo camera recreates scenes and structures with high accuracy and precision, greatly enhancing information captured through standard visual survey. True to colour and scale 3D reconstructions provide unmatched clarity, in immediately available CAD formats reducing the workflow between data collection, processing and review.

Subsea Metrology

The SubSLAM system creates dense 3D point clouds in a fraction of the time it takes to laser scan. It is capable of instantly conducting point-to-point measurements for subsea metrology, whilst providing as-built high-resolution models of subsea installations, an essential baseline for future intervention work.

The system significantly reduces the time it takes to gather your subsea data compared with laser scanning and other techniques. It delivers data in real-time and requires no physical interaction. There is no time required to setup the system in multiple locations as reconstructions are built as the vehicle conducts a standard inspection campaign.

It is a far more efficient means of measuring subsea. Repeatable workflows, minimal human intervention, reduced vessel time and far more accurate, dependable results are achieved with SubSLAM.

Removing The Need For Acoustic Positioning

Knowing the location of the vehicle in the environment is another capability of the SubSLAM system. This replaces the need for LBL in many cases as the position of the vehicle can be known to within a few mm of the object being inspected. Feeding known absolute positions into the system, such as a specific point on a jacket, will also provide absolute vehicle position if need.

Reducing or removing the need for USBL and LBL systems reduces project cost through shorter projects and less outlay on equipment.

Below The Surface In 4K

With a 16MP sensor resolution we capture extreme clarity during general visual inspection surveys. The low light sensitive sensors enable high definition video and images to be recorded in light restricted environments. This visual data combined with SubSLAM’s live 3D modelling provides more useful and clearer information to ensure the correct decision can be made every time.

Benefits And Specifications

  • More efficient data acquisition
  • Live 3D models with proven mm accuracy (no post-processing)
  • Perfect relative positioning without surveyors or USBL
  • 4K smart camera system
  • 16MP sensor resolution
  • Delivers dense 3D points cloud images
  • large reductions in vessel time and therefore cost
  • non-intrusive system, fitted to observation, inspection or work-class ROVs

Camera System Deployment

Length369 mm
Width263 mm
Weight In Air8.55 kg
Weight In Water-0.7 kg
Materials316 stainless steel, aluminium


Power Input12/24 VDC, 30 Watts (max)
InterfacesSingle data pair for live stream


Operating Depth300 msw, (2000msw in production)
Temperature Operating0 to 40°C
Suitable Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)Sub-Atlantic Mojave, Seaeye Falcon DR, Others in trials

Stereo Camera

SensorsCalibrated pair of 1”, low light sensitive
Sensor Resolution2 x 4096 x 2160 – 16MP
Frame RateUp to 40 fps @ 4K
Field of View in Water73° Diagonal
65° Horizontal
On Board Storage2+ TB SSD
ProcessingOn board embedded processing


SD, HD or 4K video and 3D vision

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