Intelligent Data Collection System

SubSLAM® X2 is the first real-time intelligent data collection system that delivers underwater live 3D point clouds and navigation with sub-millimetre precision. Now available through our technology offering, deployable from any ROV around the globe.

SubSLAM® X2 tracks relative position perfectly without relying on any other external sensor such as USBL, LBL or INS, completing measurements in a fraction of the time 

Live 3D data can be streamed to any device anywhere in the world, using Ocean Insight, our intelligent online data delivery platform. This allows onshore engineers to track progress, spot issues and react proactively during an offshore campaign from their own offices.

SubSLAM® X2 captures and creates nextgeneration data. Equipped with machine vision sensors and fast onboard processors.

Designed to provide operators and owners greater information about their underwater assets and the integrity of their equipment, and enabling multiple projects to be coordinated from a single location easily.

Live 3D Streaming

Our Intelligent Data collection System, SubSLAM® X2, is capable of live 3D streaming your underwater assets to any device in the world, allowing onshore teams to have better context during offshore campaigns.   

Operators can be more reactive to potential issues while a campaign is still underway, providing stakeholders with confidence that their projects are proceeding safely and to plan. 

Benefits And Specifications

  • Shorter project durations, reducing vessel days 
  • Enables Machine Learning and AI at the edge
  • Perfect relative positioning without USBL, LBL or INS
  • Live 3D reconstructions with proven <1mm accuracy
  • Instant 3D data streamed to any device anywhere
  • No additional sensors or scale bars required

Camera System Deployment

Length 359 mm
Width 247 mm
Height 140 mm
Weight In Air 12 kg
Weight In Water 0.7 kg
Materials 316 stainless steel, aluminium


Power Input 18-75 VDC, 80W
Interfaces Single data pair or 4-wire Ethernet for live stream


Operating Depth (Deep unit) 2000msw (other depths available on request)
Temperature Operating 0 to 40°C
Suitable Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Any 24V or 48V system with spare
twisted pair or ethernet availability to surface. Mojave, Falcon, Cougar, Leopard and Magnum vehicles have been tested to date.

Stereo Camera

Sensors Calibrated pair of 1”, low light sensitive
Sensor Resolution 2 x 4096 x 2160 – 16MP
Frame Rate Up to 40 fps @ 4K
Field of View in Water 73° Diagonal
65° Horizontal
On Board Storage 2+ TB SSD
Processing On board embedded processing


SD, HD or 4K video and 3D vision