Digitalising Offshore Survey and Inspection

We are applying machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to improve the efficiency of subsea surveys and asset management. The SubSLAM® system forms the basis of a suite of powerful tools that can extract more information from a typical ROV or AUV inspection.

Through the automatic detection of key features or anomalies, our technology provides Engineers and O&M teams with a more focused approach to asset monitoring and reporting. By leveraging evermore powerful artificial intelligence, personnel can spend more time on critical analysis and management than watching hours of video.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence technology automates high-cost, error-prone tasks such as detecting defects or monitoring changes in corrosion. By removing the human element, potential inconsistencies can be avoided, and true values of certainty applied to measurements. Repeatable and reliable measures can be obtained to provide owners and operators much higher confidence in their asset condition report.

Benefits of Machine Learning

  • Better strategy for managing subsea assets
  • Increases speed of data collection and analysis
  • Reduced human intervention and man-hours
  • Improved safety offshore
  • Inspect more rapidly, less time offshore
  • Repeatable and reliable quantitative reporting

Subsea Innovation

Improve the efficiency, safety and quality of offshore operations. Contact us for more information on Rovco’s ground-breaking survey technologies.

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