3D Survey

Rovco’s disruptive new SubSLAM® live 3D vision technology creates accurately scaled, true colour models of the subsea environment. Our system can be used to provide precise distance measurements between any two points subsea and allows surface areas and volumes to be calculated. Further processing enables the creation of a perfect visual digital twin, and the ability to overlay CAD drawings and integrate additional survey data provides a new level of data quality.

With difference modelling we provide our clients the ability to compare past and present reconstructions to determine areas of change. Our 3D survey technique provides a greater understanding of asset condition than a visual survey alone, with no extra time required for data collection. Until today, video has been the only way to determine the current condition of a subsea asset – not anymore.

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Visual Survey

Rovco provide the highest quality visual inspections using 4K, or HD if lower definition is requested. Extremely detailed imagery is used to provide greater information about areas of corrosion, anomalies, or other types of defect. This data, especially when combined with SubSLAM®, provides clearer information to clients, ensuring that the correct decision can be made every time.

Our continued advancements in underwater computer vision and artificial intelligence ensure that our customers receive the benefit of the latest cutting-edge technology.

Depth of Burial

Rovco provide cable depth of burial surveys along with accurate plotting of route position logs through the combined use of our positioning survey services. Precise and accurate depth of burial information is essential for cable security and a reduction in cable maintenance costs.

We have experience in the use of TSS440, TSS350, PanGeo SBI and will soon be trialing the new TSS660. Depending on the expected cable depth and vessel requirements we can mobilise using small, medium or workclass ROVs.


Our SubSLAM® live 3D vision systems are the latest and fastest method for conducting point-to-point measurements for subsea metrology. This is the most advanced tool available, designed to supersede laser scanning in time of data capture and time of processing. The application of Rovco SubSLAM® can bring about large reductions in vessel time and therefore cost.

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

Rovco provide efficient UXO surveys using a combination of side-scan sonar, magnetometer and  formal identification using the highest resolution ROV cameras and sonars available. Our thorough methods ensure that all hazards are identified with precision, enabling the removal of objects that may causes problems during cable & pipe lay, jack-up positioning or construction.

CP, UT and Other Tooling

CP and UT inspections are some of the most important phases of an inspection campaign, ensuring that protection systems and coatings are performing as required. All our ROVs can be fitted with CP and UT probes, enabling measurements to be taken in any location, including inside monopiles. Flooded member detection inspections provide piece of mind that the internal integrity of a structure is not compromised.

Our ROV systems can be integrated with a wide range of tooling such as cleaning brushes, multi-function manipulators, cutters, dredges and torque tools. Bespoke tooling packages can be created to your exact requirements depending on the project need.

Tunnel Surveys

Rovco is experienced in tunnel, internal pipe and confined space inspections, using ROVs to reach areas inaccessible by a person. Our fleet of ROVs can inspect tunnels of varying diameters and lengths, depending on your requirements.

Our VideoRay Pro 4 ROVs are ideal for access to confined areas through access hatches, having minimal space and power requirements. Other systems such as the Falcon DR are equipped with 1100m of tether for long excursions or large vertical descents.

VideoRay survey in confined space

Tank Inspections

Performing internal tank inspections by ROV while your water storage container or water tower is full allows your fire suppression or water supply system to remain active during the inspection process. Keeping your assets online enables increased factory, utility or power plant uptime while also ensuring HSEQ requirements are still met.

Our EUSR qualified staff hold Blue Water Hygiene cards. They are able to inspect potable drinking water supplies, complying with industry standard decontamination procedures including pre-site chlorine baths and pre-dive washdowns.


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