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Rovco is a global provider of subsea robotic and integrated survey solutions to the offshore wind and oil field decommissioning sectors.

We focus on the use of perception, data and autonomy technology to modernise and help further the growth of marine generated renewable energy.

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Efficiency Through

Our SubSLAM® X2 System delivers the highest quality survey data in a fraction of the time it takes to laser scan. Subsea survey and inspections have never been more precise, easy to understand, collaborative, and quick to review.

Now also available through our technology offering, deployed from any ROV around the globe.


Eradicating Human Error, Reduce Project Costs

Our Intelligent Data Platform, Ocean Insight, brings state-of-the-art machine learning to the subsea inspection industry. Providing more reliable interpretation and anomaly detection from your subsea video surveys.

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Subsea Robotics

Our ROVs have a wide range of capabilities, offering services across the life cycle of Offshore Energy Projects. Proven in the field, performing visual inspections, construction support, light repair/maintenance and decommissioning support.

A collaborative approach and tailored solutions to ensure the right size of asset, best matched to the task, with the highest of performance, reliability, and uptime.

Seaeye Leopard

The Seaeye Leopard is an exceptionally powerful electric work-class vehicle. Its compact features and impressive vectored thrust enables greater workability and station keeping; opening weather and tidal windows to maximise working time on site.

Seaeye Cougar-XT

The Seaeye Cougar-XT is a compact and powerful inspection class ROV. It’s highly flexible and an extremely powerful electric ROV, depth rated to 2000m, deployable either free-flying or from a TMS. 

Seaeye Falcon DR

The Seaeye Falcon DR is popular around the world as a compact survey ROV. Ours can be mobilised with anything up to 1100m of tether with standard and fibre optic tether options. 

Sub-Atlantic Mojave

Our Sub-Atlantic Mojave ROV is the workhorse of the Rovco fleet. With a 12kg payload and a 300m depth rating, we’re able to attach a large variety of ROV survey and tooling equipment to it. 

VideoRay Pro 4

This compact ROV has outstanding performance for its size. Standard tooling for it includes a manipulator and rear facing camera. Optional extras include the Smart Tether, sonar, Blueview, HD or 4K camera. 

Our Experience

We specialise in providing services and technology to multiple industries, delivering the highest quality data our sector has to offer.

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