Evaluate And Manage All Of Your Subsea Data

Rovco Review is a collaborative browser-based data delivery platform that allows clients to view complete survey data libraries, including extremely dense 3D point cloud models. A variety of hosting options are available depending on your needs, all with maximum data security at the forefront.

The highly collaborative platform improves communication amongst teams whilst providing a rich, robust source of information to support asset management decisions.

Alongside traditional videos, images, and reports, Rovco Review provides an intuitive interface for interacting with accurate 3D models. Share data only with those that require it both within and outside your organisation, with the knowledge that everything they need is in one place.

3D reconstructions can be manipulated as desired for the perfect view, with measurements obtainable in just a few clicks. Metrics such as point-to-point distances, surface areas and volumes can be taken by anyone, providing a streamlined work flow for future asset management.

Benefits Of Rovco Review

  • Intuitive browser-based data management tool
  • Compare past and present models for change
  • Improve collaboration across departments
  • Review 3D data alongside traditional data
  • Export data in multiple formats
  • Secure data management

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