Eradicate Human Error, Reduce Project Costs

The Intelligent Data Platform, Ocean Insight,  brings state-of-the-art machine learning to the subsea inspection industry. Providing more reliable interpretation and anomaly detection from yousubsea video surveys.  

Through a high-level summary of subsea assets, operators are able to see the condition of their asset at a glance, immediately. The embedded algorithms are trained across multiple datasets with an ever expanding capability to recognise and classify subsea items of interest. Currently focused on pipeline survey the system will expand to cover cable survey, platform inspection, vessel survey and, in time, most other subsea asset classes.

Ocean Insight can be used as a live pipeline eventing engine or as a post processing tool to label and event data after the project is complete. Our IDP can also be used as a quality control measure to verify that a contractor’s analysis is correct and that issues and events have not been missed. 

Live Data Streaming

During an inspection campaign, the results can be shared instantly with colleagues around the world. It is tailored to deliver the exact information needed by subsea inspectors in the form that’s most useful to them. It’s part of a wider Intelligent Data Platform that allows all forms of data to be collected into one repository and accessed on demand. 

This information can be used to simply track progress, QC data or even base the CSWIP team onshore. The Intelligent Data Platform is the next generation management tool in underwater survey.  


  • Offshore and office versions for live or post processing
  • The perfect pipeline survey tool
  • Multiple anomaly types Low bandwidth link back to the office
  • Enables projects to be managed remotely in real time
  • Cloud based software and data storage tool
  • Open data types

Dependable Reliability

Ocean Insight works 24 hours per day. No breaks, no tiredness, no crew changes. It produces dependable, repeatable results, no matter how long the survey, increasing operator confidence.

Data from Offshore to Onshore


Our offshore operator view provides additional context for severity assessment. Key events and anomalies are detected using machine learning, improving reliability and detection confidence.  


Real-world, real-time data delivering instant metrics during a subsea inspection campaign. This office/end client application can be viewed using any device, anywhere in the world with an internet connection*. 

* Requires 256 kbit availability via ship VSAT.