Precision Contactless Measurements

Our solutions leverage SubSLAM® X2 technology, which allows you to take contactless measurements with millimetre precision. Measurement accuracies of 0.1-0.15% have been verified and accredited by Bureau Veritas, for both defect measurements and distance metrology.

  • Conduct distance metrology without COMPATTs, time intensive LBL array setups or INS techniques to reduce data collection times and costs
  • Obtain detailed 3D defect measurements beyond the capability of traditional point-to-point measurement tooling, for higher fidelity analysis and insights.

SubSLAM feature matching technology allows you to produce 3D reconstructions of mobile objects, for contactless measurements of hulls, moorings and catenaries.

High precision 3D reconstructions can be used to reliable take repeated measurements between data collections

  • Compare “as built” vs “as found” to confirm installation quality or tooling requirements.
  • Conduct year-on-year difference modelling to understand structural degradation or marine growth accumulation.

With underwater 3D photogrammetry, we are improving the quality of subsea ROV inspections, allowing clients to determine problem areas more quickly and providing a better means of communicating this information.

View in 3D

Complete 3D Coverage

SubSLAM® X2 displays a persistent live 3D reconstruction than can be used as a real-time data coverage map. Interrogating the 3D model in real time allows you to verify data coverage and remediate data gaps while you are still on site, avoiding costly return trips and reshoots. Live streaming allows this valuable capability to be accessed by onshore personnel, empowering remote teams to conduct real time quality assurance.

The live reconstruction viewer also provides accurate spatial information on vehicle positioning within the scene. Superior situational awareness enhances piloting and route planning in proximity to subsea structures, leading to higher quality data collection, greater data collection efficiency, and improved operational safety.

3D Data Anywhere Anytime

SubSLAM® X2 captures 3D data simultaneously while performing visual inspections and other tasks, allowing combined work scopes for greater operational efficiency. SubSLAM® X2 is fitted as standard equipment on our ROV fleet, so 3D data can be captured at any time.

Live streaming extends data availability, so that onshore decision makers and clients have instant access to data insights. You can now be more reactive to potential issues while a campaign is still underway, providing stakeholders with confidence that their projects are proceeding safely and to plan.