One safe, secure and scalable space for all your data

Atlas is our secure data platform, sitting at the heart of your operations to collate and centralise multiple datasets, including 3D digital twins. Storing, sharing and using your hard-earned data has never been easier.

Access straightforward visualisations, reports, videos, and more, allowing all stakeholders to work with a single source of truth. Atlas is a collaborative space for everyone to quickly access the data they need to make better decisions, with no specialist training needed.

Atlas data platform benefits:

  • Secure, permissions gated, platform with no vendor lock-in.
  • Work from a single source of truth to accelerate collaboration and decision making using your data.
  • Distribute data to a wider audience through sharing and collaboration features. Make decisions faster and move your project forward

Intelligent Data Storage

Atlas is the central hub for data types from multiple sources. Our easy-to-navigate platform provides an intuitive and contextual view of your data. 3D representations of your assets are the backbone for storing other data types, such as video, images, spreadsheets and PDFs.

This means you can find information quickly, without having to ask half the office.

Furthermore, Atlas allows you to easily apply machine learning tags to your data, enabling similarity searches across all of your datasets.

Apply Machine Learning Insights

Quickly and easily apply and manipulate machine learning tags to your data on upload. No coding or machine learning expertise required.

  • Filter and search for objects in huge datasets unmanageable for humans alone.
  • Similarity search capability across all your data sets.
  • Automatically detect anomalies and changes over time.

Stream Data Onshore

Work with a single source of truth to accelerate collaboration and decision making using your data. Enable all colleagues and stakeholders to access and work with the information they need to do their job, no matter where they are in the world.

Receive point cloud data in real time with no need for post-processing. Populate 3D worlds containing digital twins of multiple assets to test strategies, spot trends, and optimise operations.