Site Investigation, Characterisation and Consenting

Creating a new site is a challenging process that requires the cohesion of multiple disciplines such as geophysical, geotechnical, environmental, UXO ID&D and archaeology to provide Developers, regulators and lease providers with the data they require.

Ensuring projects of this complexity are run successfully demands a complete understanding of your requirements, as well as the reporting obligations necessary to satisfy the relevant bodies.

At Rovco Survey Solutions we have significant experience successfully managing projects of all sizes that include multiple vessels and specialties, in challenging locations with tight and definite deadlines.

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Hydrographic and Geophysical Survey

Understanding bathymetry is a vital task whether you are monitoring installed infrastructure, planning a new wind farm or need to assess hazards to shipping or other water users. Failure to regularly monitor seabed morphology can lead to over-budgeting of infrastructure requirements or increased costs from remediating defects due to unsuitable foundations or poorly designed cable routes.

Planning and securing a predictable budget for your subsea surveys is a time consuming and arduous task that presents many challenges in the changing circumstances of early project phases. We work with our clients from the beginning to tailor a solution that meets your quality, sustainability, schedule, and cost requirements.


To provide further understanding of the makeup of sediments below the seabed geotechnical sampling is undertaken. Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) provides in situ measurements of a soil’s properties while coring provides physical samples that can be analysed in further detail.

Geotechnical analysis supports ground-truthing of geophysical data, providing greater certainty of physical seabed properties across the survey area. Running geotechnical operations alongside hydrographic survey, geophysical survey and other work packages improves value through fewer mobilisations and acquisition synergies.

Environmental, Physical and Chemical Water Properties

As much as it is necessary to understand the physical properties of the seabed it is equally, or more, vital that the complete environment is recorded and monitored. At landfalls, a continuation of data collection is needed from the shore, through the intertidal and into the subtidal.

Encompassing a wide variety of specialisms, we work with trusted Environmental Science partners to deliver results in a concise report. Examples include benthic studies for species ID and abundance, water chemistry analysis exploring dissolved O2, pH and temperature in addition to meteorological observations at the project location.


Spool piece metrology has historically been a high-cost operation that requires time-consuming equipment set up and expertise to obtain the desired results. SubSLAM X2 is a revolutionary 3D reconstruction and positioning system that completely eradicates the need for LBL arrays, INS systems and the associated extensive setup times and calibrations. Delivering reliable, accurate results in real-time to provide engineers and fabricators with the necessary dimensions in record time to significantly reduce operational costs.

Dimensional Control

At Rovco we believe that the way to reduce ongoing O&M and IRM costs is actionable information. Acquiring such information starts before an asset even enters the water; we create baseline datasets in the yard or on the back deck to provide a control dataset that will be used for comparisons and monitoring for the asset’s entire lifetime. Using a combination of terrestrial dimensional control techniques, industry-leading 3D reconstruction technology and innovative, interactive display interfaces we make asset monitoring from day one easy.

UXO Survey

The constantly changing seabed presents an ongoing risk of uncovering potential items of UXO. We can deploy multiple, complementary sensors that detect ferrous and non-ferrous items on and below the seabed. This approach provides a clear understanding of which contacts have a high likelihood of being UXO, ensuring that later ID&D operations are more efficient and cost-effective.

Marine Archaeology

Marine archaeology surveys can be challenging, and several survey types are often needed to acquire the necessary information. We provide vessel-based survey solutions for initial site assessment and contact identification. This is typically followed up with ROV investigations, paired with SubSLAM X2, to deliver high-resolution, 3D reconstructions of contacts to provide measurable site plans for initial assessment and ongoing monitoring.


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