Your trusted partner of choice for balance of plant O&M solutions

We offer industry-leading solutions that improve the safety, efficiency, and integrity, through to the design, construction, and future operations and maintenance (O&M) phases of a wind farm. From high-powered remotely operated vehicles capable of station keeping in strong currents, to the advanced autonomy we use to assist pilots in capturing the highest quality datasets possible, we enable and support offshore wind projects all over the world.

At Rovco, we understand the importance of implementing an effective operations and maintenance strategy in order to maximise the uptime and productivity of offshore wind infrastructure.

We specialise in managing and maintaining critical subsea assets, offering quantitative, detailed datasets, allowing you to easily evaluate shifting trends on critical components in order to identify the need for early intervention. We believe that preventive and planned action is always better than reactive and rushed. Ensuring optimal performance and minimising downtime with novel solutions, we ensure that your assets can keep spinning and producing while we carry out our subsea missions.

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Tailored solutions that ensure your projects are a success

We pride ourselves on being a technology enabler, and we partner with world-class technology developers and suppliers, so that our clients benefit from substantial time and cost savings across every phase of the offshore wind lifecycle.

We are committed to safety, innovation and delivery excellence, striving to exceed your expectations, and providing tailored solutions to ensure your projects are a success.