Your trusted partner of choice for offshore wind construction support solutions

From pre to post construction we provide solutions as your trusted partner of choice to safeguard and mitigate risk prior to structures being deployed subsea on to and into the seabed all the way through to ensuring critical items such as scour, cable protection systems and indeed cables are installed in accordance with the required design criteria to safeguard their continued trouble-free operation post build.

From site remediation tasks such as UXO identification and clearance to array and export cable depth of burial verification. We are here to support your needs.

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Tailored solutions that ensure your projects are a success

We pride ourselves on being a technology enabler, and we partner with world class technology developers and suppliers, so that our clients benefit from substantial time and cost savings whilst delivering the highest quality of data and service across every phase of the offshore wind lifecycle.

We are commitment to safety, innovation and delivery excellence, striving to exceed your expectations providing tailored solutions that ensure your projects are a success.