High Quality Scientific Data

The offshore industry requires high quality data about the environment in order to make correct decisions and plan projects adequately.

Rovco are experienced in habitat mapping and the collection of robust scientific data. We provide; environmental baseline and pre-installation surveys, monitoring and decommissioning surveys, habitat classification, biotope mapping marine species identification, environmental sampling and support in the production of Environmental Impact Assessment reports. 

Rovco’s innovative survey technology is well aligned with the offshore industries’ increasing need for fast, efficient and accurate monitoring of underwater environments.  

We have a wealth of experience and qualified personnel to conduct scientific surveys both nearshore and offshore in some of the toughest environments.

Environmental Baseline and
Pre-Installation Surveys

Prior to any offshore project, establishing a robust and accurate understanding of the existing environment is key for assessing any environmental impacts that could occur as a result of planned or continued operations.  

We provide ROV services and detailed reports for offshore wind and wave and tidal power developments.  

Using our fleet of ROVs equipped with tools for sampling we obtain sediment and water samples using the most technologically advanced equipment. This includes grabs, manipulator arms, state of the art 4K high-resolution camera systems and a range of physical and chemical sensors. This provides high quality data to meet both legislative and client requirements.

Environmental Decommissioning Surveys

We collect detailed information designed to assess the physical, biological and chemical characteristics of an asset to be decommissioned.  

Rovco provide advice in the disposal of disused offshore installations and equipment. We evaluate various compliant disposal options and/ or provide advice on leaving subsea equipment and structures in position where they now support marine life, eco systems and underwater habitats. 

Habitat Mapping and Biotope Classification

We assess the effects that offshore wind turbines, tidal and wave power installations have on marine life during construction and operation across the life of field. 

Habitat maps are made using a variety of techniques including multibeam echosounders and side scan sonars to determine areas of differing habitats. Grab samplers, drop and towed camera arrays can then be used to formally identify each area to established a classification.   

Environmental Sampling

There are several techniques recommended when acquiring environmental samples. Our experienced team determine the most appropriate and efficient sampling method to be used.  

Using a variety of sensors and deployment means we are able to measure a wide range of water properties, both in the field and later in the laboratory. Depending on the application we can supply sensors designed for semi-permanent installation and long term monitoring or for vessel deployment for instantaneous readings. We can measure a number of physical water properties such as temperature, turbidity and the concentration of suspended solids, as well as chemical properties such as pH, dissolved gases and conductivity. Alongside this we can also monitor currents, waves and tides.