Subsea Technology

SubSLAM is a new technique for real-time, accurate, underwater measurement, extremely accurate relative positioning, and live 3D vision. Our research and development team have spent the best part of two years developing this technology.

Precise, live, intelligent measurement to this standard has never previously been possible. This technology enables the following tasks to be completed far more efficiently, with higher quality data and significant time and cost savings:  

  • Subsea metrology 
  • Relative positioning in brown field sites – without relying on USBL or LBL 
  • 3D reconstruction / subsea BIM 
  • As built surveys 
  • Pipe and cable 3D survey 

Rovco is an experienced ROV operator and hydrographic survey company. Call us to find out how we can enable large cost and time savings on your subsea project using SubSLAM.

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