Reducing Risk with Technology

Using our latest technologies, we reduce the risks and associated concernwith the identification and inspection of anomalous objects, either on the seabed or affixed to vessels and coastal infrastructure.

Object Detection

By using modern, high-resolution sidescan sonars, sub-bottom profilers and magnetometers it is possible to detect obstructions or unidentified objects on, or just below, the seabed. Depending on your requirements these systems can either be mounted on an ROV, deployed from a vessel using a pole or in the more traditional towed fashion. By using accurate GPS systems, the precise location of a potential hazard can be plotted for later investigation by ROV or diver. These capabilities can be used to find anomalous items that may pose a threat to harbour security or vessel safety. 

Maritime Inspection

Rovco carries out general visual inspections of defence and commercial vessels to ensure their operational integrity. A variety of techniques can be used to inspect vessel furniture such as stern gear, sea chests and thrusters for damage or other non-conformances.  

We provide hull inspections, ballast tank inspections, and harbour inspections using our lightweight inspection vehicles. These ROVs are mounted with high resolution video cameras allowing the operator to identify defects in real time.