The future of floating offshore wind surveys

The majority of Europe’s offshore wind resources are located in deep water, unsuitable for fixed-bottom turbines. Floating offshore wind farms offer the possibility of exploiting these resources, significantly increasing the areas on our planet suitable for generating green energy.

However, moving further offshore also brings harsher sea conditions, posing a challenge to the health and condition of floating wind structures.

Deploying state-of-the-art 3D vision technology that delivers superior quality data sets, we provide vital insights that enable the planning of potential preventative maintenance and remedial works on floating offshore wind assets, optimising the lifetime of structures and reducing the need for corrective maintenance.

Our trusted offshore survey solutions enable substantial time and cost savings, and significantly lower emissions across projects.

Crucially, our technology-enabled solutions also allow us to perform work while the wind farm is still operational and producing energy.

Why Rovco?

  • Leading the industry towards fully autonomous solutions, reducing overall days at sea, and lowering HSE exposure across operations
  • Precise survey data streamed to any device, anywhere in the world
  • Insights that deliver an unmatched level of perspective, accuracy and coverage
  • Real-time 3D reconstructions of structures such as mooring chains, providing sub-millimetric accuracy
  • Year-on-year monitoring of components, enabling change detection and preventative maintenance
  • De-risking offshore wind farms across the life cycle
  • Solutions that can be deployed while wind turbines remain operational