Oil & Gas Decommissioning Solutions

Navigating the intricate challenges of decommissioning offshore assets demands precision and expertise. With a vast volume of scattered survey and design data, combined with changes in asset ownership, inaccuracies and undocumented changes can accumulate over time. These uncertainties can translate into substantial operational costs and risks stemming from ill-informed decision making.

At Rovco, we harness the latest in perception, data, and autonomy technology, to provide our clients with quantitative and meticulously detailed datasets. Our goal is to deliver the most efficient, comprehensive and precise view of your subsea infrastructure, along with industry-leading insights and reporting, to facilitate informed decision-making. Using our leading-edge technology, we can consolidate historical drawings of assets into digital twins with sub-millimetric precision.

Our unwavering commitment to safety, innovation, and delivery excellence, drives us to exceed our clients’ expectations. We specialise in offering tailored solutions that align seamlessly with operational requirements, dramatically improving the efficiency and integrity of projects, providing instant insights that will underpin lifting designs or heavy lift vessel crane tonnage.

Why Rovco?

  • Full turnkey solutions that utilise smaller vessels, allowing lower charter costs, lower offshore personnel requirements, and lower emissions across projects.
  • Utilising smaller vessels, we enable larger vessels to focus on the tasks they were designed for (heavy-lifting).
  • We offer close inspection of assets with improved safety; collision avoidance allows safe piloting in proximity to complex structures, allowing more complete data capture.
  • Our Visual Pilot Assist technology allows ROV pilots to fly the vehicle in a controlled manner in high current environments, extending working times and improving data quality.