Mobile ROV Team

Rovco operates a mobile ROV team that can be on your site at short notice. Our professional inspection staff and engineers are experienced in most areas of inland underwater inspection, whether it’s potable water, de-mineralized tanks, inland water way or harbour survey.

Our EUSR qualified staff hold Blue Water Hygiene cards, so are able to inspect potable drinking water supplies, complying with industry standard decontamination procedures including pre-site chlorine baths and pre-dive washdowns.

We have also performed many harbour and breakwater inspections using high-definition cameras or 3D sonar where visibility is poor. We can also combine underwater 3D with aerial 3D surveys to produce a complete top to bottom model.

VideoRay submerged during tank Inspection

Asset Inspection Reports

Complete asset inspection reports are provided that further enhance the detail obtained from your survey and ensure that you have full documentation. A complete inspection report saves you time and makes sure you have a true record of your asset’s condition.

Choose Rovco for:

  • Highest data quality in the industry
  • An experienced inland operator in confined space, tunnels, harbors, inland water ways and water supply pipes
  • EUSR certified ROV pilots, ensuring clean water working
  • Rigorous decontamination procedures
    Expert project management