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Not just an ROV services company, Rovco is delivering innovation and changin the way we survey subsea. Using £D and working on articicial intelligence solutions that significantly reduces risk for subsea asset owners.

Our ROV 3D technology is far more capable and more efficient than existing survey methods, can be deployed quickly from smaller ROV platforms and therefore smaller vessels.

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The adoption of new technology is the key to reducing the long term operational costs associated with owning subsea assets. Rovco, partially funded by innovate UK (the UK’s innovation agency), is developing and advancing underwater 3D visualisation and image based data capture.

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With underwater 3D photogrammetry, we are improving the quality of subsea ROV inspections, allowing clients to determine problem areas more quickly and providing a better means of communicating this information.

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Sub-Atlantic Mojave ROV Underwater Inspection


Our Sub-Atlantic Mojave ROV is the workhorse of the Rovco fleet. With a 12kg payload and a CAT7 Ethernet tether, we’re able to attach a large variety of ROV survey and tooling equipment to it, including our 5 function Kydro-Lek manipulator skid.

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We specialise in providing underwater ROV inspection services to multiple industries.

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