Our Team

Rovco was founded to lead the way in bringing 3D computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies to the hydrographic and AUV/ROV survey sectors. We can only do this through a commitment and focus to attract, develop and retain only the very best talent throughout the company at every level.

We have a unique group of amazing and talented people. Our R&D department is staffed by data scientists leading the field in the subsea application of computer vision and AI. Our offshore ROV and survey team are some of the highest qualified personnel in the industry, and our business administration team are equally talented.

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Our Culture

Rovco’s unique employee culture within the office contributes to our overall efficiency and innovation, treating staff with respect and allowing them to form their own path. We hire only the very best people, striving to be a fun, high-achieving business, maintained by the talent and drive of the people we employ.

Rovco is the result of a dedicated team of intelligent, skilled and capable staff working together to achieve our common goal – to change subsea survey through the application of the latest computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies.

Our Values

  • Safety Comes First – Enabling and empowering people to understand safety
  • Bias For Action – If you have a good idea go for it​. If it’s not sinking the ship, do it​. Ask forgiveness rather than permission​
  • Make It Awesome To Work Here – The little things matter. All for 1 and 1 for all
  • Learn & Share – Sharing understanding. Supporting people to learn and develop themselves​
  • Put Innovation To Work – Make an effort to get Research & Development out to the real world. Actively looking for innovative opportunities​
  • Quantifiably Green – Enabling reduction of Carbon Footprint in the Offshore Industry thanks to our state-of-the-art technology