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Tunnels & Confined Spaces

Surveying underwater is difficult for the inexperienced, add confined space and tunnel complexities and it becomes even harder, especially when the choice between the right and wrong supplier can mean costly mistakes with infrastructure out of use while lost equipment is recovered or damage repaired. Rovco is an experienced tunnel, supply pipe and confined space surveyor, using Remotely Operated Vehicles to investigate and survey those hard to reach areas.

Choose Rovco for:

    • High quality surveys completed by ROVs
    • An expereinced operator in confined space, tunnels and water supply pipes
    • EUSR certified ROV pilots, ensuring clean water working
    • Rigorous decontamination procedures
    • Expert project management

If you have any water supply pipes, underground reservoirs or other water filled tunnels that require survey please get in touch and we will be able to help.

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