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Rovco Remotely Operated Vehicles

Sub-Atlantic Mojave

SubAtlantic Mojave pdf

Our Sub-Atlantic Mojave ROV is the workhorse of the Rovco fleet. With a 12kg payload and a CAT7 Ethernet tether, we're able to attach a large variety of ROV survey and tooling equipment to it, including our 5 function Hydro-Lek manipulator skid. Adding our optional equipment makes this vehicle an extremely useful all round ROV, able to operate in stronger currents than similar ROVs and with more power than the similarly sized Seaeye Falcon, it's also better equipped for the UKs inshore conditions. While normally mobilised in the Rovco ROV Support Vehicle, we're able to get a fully functional, completely mobilised, best in class survey ROV to your Inland UK site, or inshore vessel within hours. The Mojave also packs into an air shippable crate, and can be ready to fly from Heathrow within 24 hours, this fully spared, very capable ROV and has completed several successful projects around the globe, and continues to work for Rovco as our main R&D vehicle when not on other projects.

VideoRay Pro 4

VideoRay pdf

The VideoRay Pro 4 is a compact ROV with outstanding performance for its size. Our standard tooling for it includes a manipulator and rear facing camera. Optional extras include the smart tether, sonar, blueview, HD or 4K camera and most other commercially available VideoRay equipment. Our Videorays pack into 2 or 3 flight cases and can be transported as luggage, meaning they're our fastest to mobilise systems, able to work anywhere in the world in the time it takes to fly one of our operators to your site. We can use a tether deployment system for our tethers so that they can be kept neatly at your site, minimising trip hazards for others. The smart tether gives an excellent, reliable location reference and provides a cheap alternative to using a full USBL beacon navigation system. Our Videoray Pro 4 has so far completed tank, vessel and basin surveys, diver monitoring, tunnel surveys, pool surveys and various other survey and camera work.

Seaeye Falcon & Fibre Falcon

Seaeye Falcon pdf

The Seaeye Falcon is the well known system popular around the world as the standard small survey ROV. Ours can be mobilised with anything up to 1100m of tether and we have normal and fibre optic tether options. This vehicle is easy to airship, easy to operate and is a reliable simple light weight system. The Seaeye falcon can be launched from a slipway by hand, or with a small crane or lift. Running on 110-240V domestic single phase, the system is compatible with all electrical systems around the world without the need for large 3 phase supplies or step down transformers. As standard we send it out with colour cameras and sonar, although it can also be equipped with 3D sonars, 4K or HD cameras, and any of the Tritech range of Bathy's, Altimeters or Gyro's etc. It can also be setup to run with pipe tracking systems and more complicated survey sensors. Please call us for more details.

Seaeye Tiger

Seaeye Tiger pdf

The Seaeye Tiger is a truly capable survey ROV,  widely recognised as the standard, and a go-to vehicle for ROV survey operations. With a payload of up to 32kg is and a full spread including a control and workshop container, launch and recovery system (LARS) and Tether Management System (TMS). This 1000msw rated, compact spread can be shipped by road or vessel, and can be supplied with a fully functional Hydro-Lek 5 function manipulator, cleaning brush skid, water jet skid, cutting tool skid, colour zoom cameras and a range of survey options. It is extremely well stocked with spares suitable for very remote operations and most eventualities. The Rovco Seaeye Tiger is in a class of its own and is suitable for most vessels with deck space, and with an A60 DNV compliant control cabin, hazardous area rig operations too.