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We specialise in providing underwater ROV inspection services to multiple industries including:

 Renewable Energy  Water Companies  Customs & Excise
 Oil & Gas Decom  Scientific Research  Shipping Owners
 Electricity & Telecoms  Harbour Managers  Film & TV
 Salvage Companies  Search & Rescue  Insurance Companies

Our teams can be relied upon to provide a cost efficient, professional service, in all areas of subsea survey and inspection using ROVs, with experience covering:

 ROV Surveys & Inpections  Pre & Post Lay Survey  HD & 4K Filmwork
 Debris Surveys  Drill Support  Marine Life Surveys
 Diver Observation  Harbour Survey & Security  CP & UT Measurement
 ROV Rental & ROV Hire  UXO Survey  Dam Inspections
 Touch Down Monitoring  Vessel Inspections  3D Modelling


Inshore ROV Services