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Cable Survey

Being responsible for subsea cable assets that you cannot easily see, check, or maintain is a difficult and expensive task, especially when to do so involves bringing in costly DP vessels and either ROVs or divers to complete the survey. If the output of that survey is then hundreds of hours of video it's harder still to accurately assess and manage that information. What you need is the detail and reportable figures, and it's not easy to get that if you have to wade through  hours of video and poor quality reports.

Rovco has completed all of it's subsea surveys successfully, some using state of the art, high detail, modern MBES alongside USBL and traditional ROV video survey, some further combining this with our Rovco 3D visual solution to solve these issues. You can't measure video, but you can measure 3D. Even more importantly Rovco 3D creates a true snapshot in time of your asset which can be difference modelled to past and future surveys, thereby giving you exactly the data you need about degredation, corrosion and change over time. We have also developed the systems and processes that allow us to successfully conduct ROV cable surveys from smaller non DP vessels. Thereby drastically reducing the costs of performing these surveys while simultaneoulsly increasing the quality of the data output by using Rovco3D.

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