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Assets & Equipment


Rovco operates a number of ROV systems, including a SubAtlantic Mojave, Seaeye Falcons and Video Ray systems. Due to its power, versatility and reliability, our primary vehicle for UK inland and inshore projects is the SubAtlantic Mojave. While the Falcon's and Video rays are ready to air ship and mobilise for international work. Our Mojave is equipped as standard with a 360 degree scanning sonar, and can also operate with or without a 5 function hydraulic manipulator skid as required. It can also be equipped with blueview 3D imaging sonars for working in extremely low visibility. This system is always ready to travel immediately and is ready to work straight from our van or can be vessel integrated within 3 hours of arriving on site. The Falcon and Video Rays are packed in flight/transit cases and can be shipped immediately accompanied with our ROV Pilots & Supervisors.

Survey Equipment

Using a standardised setup, of a pole mounted dual GPS, compass, gyro and HIPAP gives us the ability to mobilise a high quality, accurate survey spread onto new vessels without the need for time consuming vessel dimensional control surveys, and eliminates errors. Our survey spread can also be mobilised for inland projects should you require perfectly accurate positions of underwater objects or structures.


We run an Evolution 38 MCA class 2 workboat, able to operate up to 60 miles from land and equipped with a rear ROV launch platform. With a maximum laden speed of 20 knots, we can be on your site quickly.  

ROV Support Vehicle

We have a fully equipped ROV support vehicle and mobile control room. With this and our portable davit crane we're able to work at any inland location in the UK quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Our permanent mobilised SubAtlantic Mojave has 300m of tether spooled on a storage winch, keeping us efficient while working on your site, whether running dam inspections or bridge foundation surveys in rivers.