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ROV 3D model of Jacket Structure
ROV 3D model of Pipeline
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Rovco Review - Online Measurement

(Please note the models on this page are heavily decimated for online viewing, actual models are c.20 times more detailed). 3D Photogrammetry is a technique that produces accurately scaled, true colour models in three dimensions. 3D photogrammetry has been used extensively on land, but at Rovco we are taking this technology underwater and using 3D equipped ROVs to provide clients with a clearer picture of the subsea environment. There are many applications for ROV 3D modelling but our clients will typically use it for assessing their subsea assets for damage, corrosion or determining levels of marine growth. 

With underwater 3D photogrammetry, we are improving the quality of subsea ROV inspections, allowing clients to determine problem areas more quickly and providing a better means of communicating this information. No longer do you need to rely on poor quality video with low contrast and little detail to make important decisions, you now have full freedom of movement around your asset as if it were frozen in time. By taking measurements throughout the collection process we are able to constrain the model to real world dimensions. This feature allows a multitude of additional metrics such as distance measurements between structure points, surface area and volume calculations, overlaying CAD drawings or other survey data and the ability to compare past and present models to determine areas of change.